Hey! Hi.

I hope I’m catching you making it an incredible day!

I’m “Fierce” Ashley Meyer (not my birth name, as you might have guessed, but a 2.0 version of me “Fierce,” whom I met during a powerful meditation.) This is my “future self” and I named her “Fierce” and I use her name now as a constant reminder to continue growing into that higher version of me. (Wanna do the meditation yourself? Sure! I love that for you….here you go.)

Here are some secrets only my best friends know (and of course, now YOU too :D):

  • I am the oldest of 4 badasses, Erin, David, & Jonny.
  • I have 4 dogs (and a lifetime running tally of 8 doggies who stay in my heart)
  • I’ve lived longer than 2 years in 3 different countries! Bonus points if you can guess the middle one. 😉
  • I left the Air Force and my first marriage the same year.
  • I’m a dork and I’m so proud.
  • I’m an avid reader (fave book right now Mastery by Robert Greene, which basically says EVERYONE is capable of greatness, not only people historically considered “masters” through the 10,000 hour rule. With the right vision, mindful practices, there’s not much you can’t achieve. Literally, the limit = the sky. Please read this book….you’ll thank me.)
I typically need to explain things with my hands. 😀 Ask Danielle about it – she’s so patient. 😀 I’m lucky. *Spoiler* in this snapshot we are in the middle of our weekly “Relationship Roadmap” where we deep-dive what’s going on logistically and emotionally for us. Literally a relationship changer, grab your copy here.

In my traveling the world, showing up well in my relationships (and sometimes not so well) – I learned things the hard way. I saw businesses and people, BOTH, thrive and fail, loudly. How could this be? Why were things going so well, yet so chaotic at the turn of a dime?

Through self-coaching, I learned to receive criticism and be that “Fierce,” 2.0 version of me, I’m always aiming at. I now passionately inspire and help businesses re-connect with their reason for being in business in the first place (this often translates directly to increased profits and productivity). I coach honestly and with compassion – because I’ve been there too. My incredible Culture Catalyst Program, was developed at Stanford University (in 1976!). It will enhance everything about your life and up-level your business.

It’s for all levels – for everyone. You should take it with me!

Every member of your Team would enhance their contribution at work through my Program. Get more details here. 🙂

If you’d like to get on the Culture Catalyst waitlist, or just say “hello!”, shoot me an email at ashley@theherohabit.com (or just click below). I’d love to hear from you – tell me the hardest thing you’re facing in your business right now… email me, seriously. Do it right now. Click below.

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I’m always here to listen! I can’t wait to hear from you soon, Friend!

With all my love,

“Fierce” Ashley

P.S. In the meantime, check out my podcast on: Apple podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast… or on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/1FRchzc…

At my Hero In The Mirror Coaching Company and Community, I’m building a space for YOU to:

  • supercharge your business,
  • deepen your community,
  • restore your vitality,
  • to re-frame past mistakes into new future heights you’ll achieve,
  • and never-before seen impact in your community!

By the way, you’re incredible! And you’re the only one who can achieve this for yourself. You’re already the hero in the mirror, just look.